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    Treating pet-stained upholstery greatest left for the pros! Mission Viejo CA What must a homeowner do using a pet stain on upholstery in Newport Beach CA?Don't try to fix it yourself. Take paper or terry cloth towels and blot the area; never rub it and do not place something on it though it really is wet. Then get in touch with an upholstery cleaning qualified.The store-bought [...]

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    Travertine Cleaning, Sealing, and Polishing Lake Forest CA

    Marble tile floor Cleaning, Sealing, and Polishing Lake Forest, CA Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning of Lake Forest, CA is a travertine cleaning, sealing, and polishing company in Lake Forest CA. Travertine in Lake Forest, CA and Orange County, is a popular choice for floors, showers, tub decks, vanities and countertops. The use of travertine in the kitchen and bathroom, is not as hard or [...]

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