Tile floors are both attractive and practical. Sadly, regardless of how quite a few times you clean, dirt and bacteria obtain their way into your grout lines.


    Tile and Carpet Cleaning, Lake Forest, CA professionally educated technicians can remove set-in stains and residual build-up in your tile floors and shower walls. Our qualified technicians use qualified goods, gear, and techniques to meticulously, yet efficiently deep clean and sanitize your tile and grout surfaces.


    Tile & Grout Cleaning Services


    Preparation of the area (i.e. removing furniture)


    Removal of any dry soil particles from the area to be cleaned


    Pre-conditioning the area by applying cleaning agents to suspend soils and agitate all areas to loosen soils


    Rinsing all areas with high pressure hot water extraction


    Applying additional cleaning agents as needed


    Speed drying with air movers to efficiently dry all damp, cleaned areas


    Post-inspection to assure proper cleaning and customer satisfaction




    Want to inhibit staining and make cleaning your tile floors easier? We recommend having your grout lines sealed with either a clear or color sealer to protect it from absorbing stains and bacteria.