As the seasons adjust, so does the level of sun beaming by way of your windows and bringing its UV rays into your home and onto your countertops. Unfortunately, prolonged direct sunlight can cause harm, manifesting as fading or darkening on some granite countertops.


    Take into account that engineered stone, or quartz surfaces, as they’re usually known as, are bonded with resins, creating them susceptible to this very same sort of sun harm as well.


    Stopping Fading


    Your all-natural stone countertops are an investment and also you choose to retain them hunting beautiful for many years to come. You’ll be able to always verify along with your fabricator to see in case your stone has been treated with resins, but it is normally a fantastic idea to play it safe. Taking some easy precautions to lessen the time your countertops are going to be exposed to direct sunlight will go a extended way. Simply closing the blinds in the course of peak sunlight hours could be adequate to stop the harm.


    For outdoor kitchens, think about a cover for the countertops when they aren’t in use. You will find also some new revolutionary items available on the market which will be applied to stone that act as a sunscreen to block UV rays.


    Already have harm?


    The great news is the fact that natural stone that has faded by sunlight could be repaired. Stone that is certainly not resigned might be honed and polished by an expert restoration firm to bring it back to life. If it really is resigned, you can find chemical dyes that may be applied to return the stone’s color.


    When you have inquiries or issues about your all-natural stone fading or darkening, make contact with us right now.