• Pacific Carpet Cleaning’s 12 Step Upholstery Cleaning Process Lake Forest CA

    Pacific Upholstery Cleaning is Orange County’s & Lake Forest CA Upholstery Cleaning Specialist!

    Pacific Upholstery Cleaning, Lake Forest CA is IICRC certified in upholstery cleaning and is recognized as probably the most educated and knowledgeable upholstery care companies in Lake Forest CA & Orange County. Upon a thorough inspection, our certified technicians will figure out the proper cleaning process for the particular demands. We can also apply Bridgepoint’s Maxim Fine Fabric Protector to ensure your fine fabrics continue to possess lasting beauty among cleanings.

    From heavily soiled to light cleaning, our ten step cleaning course of action is created to restore your furnishings as close to its original condition as you possibly can. We are able to clean all kinds of upholstery, even probably the most delicate of fabrics.

    Step 1: Pre-Inspection
    We are going to pre-inspect your upholstered fabrics to address your places of concern and to determine the proper cleaning process.

    Step two: Pre-Vacuum
    We are going to pre-vacuum to remove loose soil. This could account for as much as 85% on the soil and is usually a very important step.

    Step three: Pre-Conditioning
    We are going to apply the proper pre-conditioner to suspend the soil for cleaning.

    Step four: Pre-Agitate
    The pre-conditioner
    will likely be worked into the fabric having a white towel or maybe a horsehair brush, specially designed for this use.

    Step five: Rinse and Extract
    As soon as the soil has been loosened, we will completely flush the fabric with our specially developed upholstery extraction tools. This step sanitizes and deodorizes the fabric. Water pressure is regulated in order that the fabric just isn’t over wet.

    Step 6: Neutralize
    Just about every piece that we clean is pH balanced so there’s no sticky residue left behind. This treatment is applied as a rinse by way of the machine or is applied right after rinsing – depending on soiling conditions.

    Step 7: Pre-Spot Remedy
    If any spots
    aren’t removed throughout the cleaning method, specialty spotting approaches are employed – we’ve written procedures for every single circumstance.

    Step 8: Post Cleaning
    If the fabric has a nap, the nap is set in one path using a grooming brush or perhaps a white towel.

    Step 9: Post Inspection
    Your upholstery is inspected by the technician.

    Step ten: Fabric Protection – Optional
    Applying fabric protection will
    help guard your fabric from both dry and liquid soil. To keep your upholstered fabrics seeking as new as possible, we advise applying fabric protection after each specialist cleaning.